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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rookie Runs....

It's time for the Rookie Runs!!
Here's our 3 kiddos with their medals!!
Hayden got to go first and it was his 2nd year.
It was cold and sprinkling a bit so I was proud of them for still doing it!
Hayden in his rain poncho and almost done!
He wasn't too sure of the race but he was pretty excited about his medal!
Dax about ready to start his 4th Rookie race!
Dax with his "Game Face"!!
Finishing with a smile on his face!
Dax and his medal, which he wore for weeks on end!!
(both boy still do occasionally)
Gene and Asher watching from the stands!
Grace about to start her 5th rookie run!!
Look at that stride!! :)
Grace had to run longer now that she is getting older but she still enjoys which is good!
Trying to warm up inside before heading home!!
The whole family with the new official pace car of the Indy 500!!
Past Rookie Races
2007 Grace's first race
2008 Dax's first race
2010 Hayden's 1st race

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Stephen and Michelle said...

That is such a fun experience!!!